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Adjusting Life around Light Sensitivity

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Adjusting Life around Light Sensitivity

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Guest Post by Laura:

Welcome to the club.

If you’re on the Axon Optics website that probably means you (or someone you love) is walking through life currently with a sensitivity to light. And unfortunately, it probably means this sensitivity has a large impact on the day-to-day aspects of life. For better or worse, you are not alone. There is a whole slew of us in this world that can empathize. Fortunately, there are people who are passionate about helping you gain back a greater quality of life. Those people are the people at Axon Optics. I’d love to tell you my story and why I’m thankful for Axon Optics.

I still remember it so clearly. On Tuesday, January 29, 2013 I was driving into work and actually on the phone with my boss when I got hit with a headache. Based on the weather and similar previously experienced symptoms I was confident it was a sinus headache and would go away soon. As a little time went on the symptoms evolved and it was clear I was experiencing a migraine. This was not my first migraine. And I wish I could say it was my last. But for the past two and half years I have been living with Chronic Migraine. I have found a little relief in some treatments. Yet I am still holding out hope for greater relief.

LauraA year into this my occasional light sensitivity began to worsen. I had to dump my pride at the door and start making adjustments in order to function. Since then I have worn a hat and sunglasses whenever I am in a setting with fluorescent lighting. At work I have had to bring in lamps for my office and our weekly staff meeting had to be relocated to a more suitable environment. That is just the tip of what at times feels like an iceberg.

It may be a club we all want out of. But, we are not alone and thankfully there are resources, like Axon Optics that bring life back to areas that have been strained by light sensitivity. If you are like me, you often find yourself just trying to survive when you would much rather work on thriving. I could have continued on with my sunglasses, but I am so glad that I now have my glasses from Axon Optics. It took some areas of my life from a status of surviving to one of thriving.

With that comes a sense of freedom that is incredible.

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I have worn glasses for years, so if I was going to leave the lighting safety of my office I would have to switch to my sunglasses, put on my hat and also bring my regular glasses with me if I was headed to a location where the lighting would be suitable. It meant always having a pair of glasses in my hands. With my lenses from Axon Optics, I can roam hands-free. The lenses provide the filter my eyes need, but are not too dark from environments where I would have otherwise switched from my sunglasses back to my regular glasses. After spending over a year carrying around a set of glasses, I immediately noticed the freedom my new glasses brought to my daily life.

I felt like I had switched from just surviving to being able to better thrive in that area.

Laura 2

When you know you are going absolutely have to wear a hat and sunglasses into a store in order to complete your shopping, you find yourself trying to avoid shopping at night. You feel awkward enough with your ensemble when it’s daytime. But, you know you look more out of place when it is dark outside. Some days you bite the bullet and do what you have to do to get those groceries. But, now that I have my new glasses I no longer find my mind wasting energy planning shopping and my schedule around the amount of daylight outside. That was moving from surviving to thriving.

I truly hope you will give Axon Optics a shot. You will find a quality product, incredible customer service and hopefully you will find yourself thriving in areas you once fought to just survive.

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One thought on “Adjusting Life around Light Sensitivity

  1. Debbie Edgell says:

    I am not sure what initiated my blepharospasm and light sensitivity, although I did suffer a concussion about 2 years ago and I have been having problems that have morphed into my current status. I have had Botox in my eyelids with varying degrees of improvement, hit and miss. My eye doctor said I could try 480 wavelength glasses to perhaps improve my condition. I am getting desperate and am afraid to drive.

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