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Axon Optics Migraine Tinted Glasses by Chicklette

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Axon Optics Migraine Tinted Glasses by Chicklette

This week I’ve had the privilege of trying out a new pair of migraine tinted glasses from Axon Optics. I LOVE THEM! I’ve been looking into getting a pair for a while now. So what took me so long to get them??? The right frames.

I’m blind as a bat and have been wearing glasses since Jr. High. I’ve been called bug eyes and four eyes and every other name under the sun. It became important early on to have not only functional glasses, but fashionable too! After all glasses are an extension of your face. One type of frame does not look good on everyone…and I’m super picky!

So what was I looking for? As I’m a receptionist I need to always look professional…even mid migraine! I can’t be wearing great big glasses indoors as it’s off putting to clients. But being under those awful florescent lights was killing me. A simple pair of reading glasses was the perfect solution. The special migraine tint Axon Optics uses helped reduce the light and glare of the harsh indoor lights and reduced my migraine in the process! The color of the lenses are also light enough so clients can see my eyes so they’re quite comfortable talking to me with these glasses on. Fashionable and Functional. Total score 🙂

I’m also very happy to report that these amazing glasses helped in other areas of daily life too. They were absolutely fabulous while driving…EVEN AT NIGHT!!!

I hate to drive at night because the headlights from passing cars (even low beams) are like daggers through the brain. Even my own lights reflecting on road signs hurt and make me squint in pain. Then when I reach my destination I have to spend 20 minutes recovering. I would have to sit and rest my head, and eyes, and let the migraine aura settle down before I could do anything else.

Wearing the migraine tinted glasses from Axon Optics reduced all that glare. I even drove with my brights on for the first time in years! I felt comfortable enough to wear them at night without being concerned that it would impair my driving. And best of all NO MIGRAINE AURA after driving! HALLELUIAH!

I’m truly amazed that these glasses have helped me so much. I’m also very, very happy that I invested in them.

In fact, I wonder what other frames they have??? I can totally see myself in a different pair for lots of different occasions 🙂

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Editor’s Note: As no safety studies have been conducted on the safety of tinted lenses while driving at night, Axon Optics cannot endorse or recommend use of their lenses for night driving. 

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