Axon Optics vs Theraspecs®

Axon Optics is the original Therapeutic Eyewear company.  Axon was founded by university researchers, including a neuro-ophthalmologist who specializes in the treatment of patients with light-sensitive conditions.  Our founder has been treating patients for nearly 20 years and continually performs research on light sensitivity and migraine relief.  Axon Optics continues to support clinical research to deliver the most effective migraine glasses, lenses and frames for people with light sensitive conditions.

Every now and then a customer asks us, can you compare Axon Optics to Theraspecs?  The following table compares features of Theraspecs vs Axon Optics:

Axon Optics Theraspecs

Lenses theraspecs vs axon optics migraine glasses

Proprietary FL-41 Spectrashield™ formulation which as has a relaxing rose-gray hue and is used by thousands Generic FL-41 which has a darker orange-rust hue – tint can be purchased at some optical shops

Transition Lenses

lenses of theraspecs glasses vs axon migraine glasses
Indoor, Outdoor, and Transitions Indoor, Outdoor

Advanced Coatings

theraspecs lens coatings vs axon optics lenses
Includes advanced anti-glare coating to prevent light from reflecting off of the backside of the lens into your eye – reduces smudges, fingerprints, and scratches Available on custom orders

Frames Options

theraspecs vs axon frame options
Fashion forward frames with standard protection, peripheral protection, and max protection – our max protection frames come with removable gaskets for extreme light protection Standard and wrap frame

Frame Materials

fl-41 lenses of axon optics vs theraspecs coupon
Includes flex titanium, Italian Acetate, thin & flexible Acetate, and stainless steel options Multiple materials

Contact Lenses

axon migraine contact lenses
Spectrashield™ FL-41 tinted migraine contact lenses None

Research Initiatives

axon optics vs theraspecs research involvement
As scientists we perform IRB approved human studies at the University of Utah and other clinics. Results have been published by top medical journals. Funding go towards additional research (see None


founders of axon optics vs founders of theraspecs
Founded by a neuro- ophthalmologist, photonics researcher, and ophthalmic entrepreneur Entrepreneurs

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