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Real Migraine Stories: Fluorescent Light Migraine Relief

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Real Migraine Stories: Fluorescent Light Migraine Relief

Chelsea - AuthorChelsea guest posts about big box stores, light sensitivity, bright lights and fluorescent light migraines.  Fluorescent lights present particularly challenging situations to migraineurs.  Below Chelsea describes one option that may provide fluorescent light migraine relief. 10/17/2016

I have been sensitive to light for a long time now. I also have chronic migraines. The two seem to go hand-in-hand. It’s such a mess whenever you feel like you can’t go anywhere with bright lights, or other certain types of lights, because they may trigger a migraine.

Going outside is an obvious problem. Big box stores are a HUGE problem because of the fluorescent lights.

lights at the supermarket can be a trigger for fluorescent light migraine
Low prices, but where is the fluorescent light relief? Some stores have natural day lighting installed, but most stores rely on fluorescent lights.

But what people don’t always realize is that staying indoors can even set off migraines with light beaming off of ceiling lights or reading lamps, and yes sometimes even the television, the computer, the smartphone… Things chronically ill people like myself depend on day-to-day for news, social interaction, work, etc


Fluorescent lights on the ceiling can cause fluorescent light migraine
Fluorescent lights can be difficult to avoid at work, school, church, or big box stores. This can lead to fluorescent light migraine, a type of light sensitivity that triggers an attack.

The company Axon Optics helped deliver relief for me with these JURA style migraine glasses.

Axon Optics offers glasses available for use in the home, for outdoors, and glasses than can be used for both purposes. I chose to review indoor glasses since that’s where I spend most of my days (cue The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song).

I would wear these glasses when a migraine would first strike–even in a room that was only dimly lit–and I could easily notice less strain on my eyes with (for the most part) a usually milder migraine in the process.

light sensitivity glasses help relieve fluorescent light migraine
Fluorescent light relief glasses by Axon Optics

I tried to wear these as a type of prevention for migraines as well, but found that to be a bit aggravating because I don’t necessarily want to wear these every single day of my life. If I know I am going to be in front of or around excess lighting, I try to pop these suckers on, but I just don’t find the idea of wearing glasses for my every movement appealing.

I enjoyed wearing them when I was on my laptop. For me, this is the electronic device I seem to use the most and the one that generally brings about a migraine the most. To have a product that prevented a migraine or at least wore it down was awesome!

What makes these glasses so special? Well, they have what’s called the SpectraShield FL-41 lenses in them. They sound like something James Bond would wear, but what they manage to do is “block specific wavelengths that are known to trigger light-sensitive conditions” What’s more? You can only find these lenses as Axon Optics.

The glasses weren’t uncomfortable on me, just took a bit to get used to. Even then though, you still want to see through “your eyes” every now and then instead of through…rose-tinted-glasses. Ha!

I appreciate that they aren’t TOO dark; this works comparatively better than wearing sunglasses inside for me. Sometimes I thought, “Wow, these aren’t dark enough to do anything, they’re probably barely even working!” But then when I would remove them, I would notice the light flooding my eyes. So yeah, they work!

The style is not anything I had a problem with. At first I thought they looked like something a ‘50s rock-n-roll musician would wear, but then I thought…what’s wrong with that? I quickly adjusted to them, especially once I realized what wonders they were doing for my headaches/migraines (even fluorescent light migraine). Whenever a product is working, sometimes you just don’t care if it looks silly or not. In this case, the Axon Optics glasses aren’t just made nice, they look nice too!


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