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Health Activist Michael Fernandez Reviews the Wrap7c

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Health Activist Michael Fernandez Reviews the Wrap7c

Migraine Activist, Blogger, and Health Advocate Michael Fernandez of Migraine Discussions reviewed our Wrap7c frame.

Hello everyone. As many readers might’ve noticed, one of the few products advertised for the purpose of reducing migraines successfully are these FL-41 tinted lenses. Luckily, Axon carries an ever-growing line of magnificent frames. In the past I’ve tried both the Flex AX29’s and the Cover-Rx frame, both extremely comfortable!

Current Price of a Wrap7c w/ outdoor tint no coating: $176.00

Tested Configuration w/ Transitions: $326.00

However, today I am here with a review of not your everyday pair of Wrap7C’s but one with transition lenses and some really amazing special features for migraineurs!


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The Wrap7C is a sporty, curved frame which is harder to cut prescriptions for as Virginia mentioned in our interview. I personally have always been a fan of this look even with the gasket in place these frames look phenomenal on the face and provide immense comfort from peripheral lighting! They also fit the face well- and that’s throughout me taking steroids so my face is swollen now! it fits comfortably prior to the high dosage of prednisone too!


wrap7c wego health activist award michael fernandez axon optics fl-41 natural migraine relief

What do I mean? I’m saying, is it safe to drop or sit on these frames? From my experiences, yes, they can take some abuse…but I’d never try it again. I value them too much. These glasses look just like normal sports glasses with the gasket removed as well, and the way that gasket is secured it’s a snug fit and won’t be falling out anywhere!


Michael Fernandez Wrap7c axon optics fl-41 tint natural migraine relief wego health awards

Ok this is where that felt gasket really comes into play along with the unique shape of the Wrap7C frames! The gasket provides flawless cushioning. I’ve fallen asleep with the frames on more times than I can count and that’s no exaggeration! My girlfriend found the same to be true for her Mistrals so Axon must be doing something right in terms of frame selection!

The felt gasket really allows the edges of the frame to contour to one’s face. However, they’re also quite good without the insert when one wants a more natural look. Not a soul could tell these were meant for migraines when I walked into my neurologist’s office without the liner one day. In fact, I got compliments on how cool they looked with that odd color rose lens!

Transition Lenses

This amazing feature allows for the glasses to transition from light to dark when one goes outdoors which is amazing. This technology has existed for lenses even at Costco for the longest time, but to see it with this rare tint?!?! I had to try them out and my my have they changed my world to a brighter place. I have 3-5 severe migraines a day so the outdoor tint and Cover-RX lens were my weapons of choice, but light leaks in the sides and bottom/top of those frames. The Wrap7C eliminates that problem and with this transition effect becomes the perfect pair of sporty physical therapy type frames for migraineurs out there! I personally love the light transition indoors for writing articles and reading my Kindle Paper White!



Sure with the Transitions these lenses will set you back a hefty sum. But how much do your preventative and emergency shots cost you? If you could cut down on your migraines with these glasses, you can free up a lot of cash. In the long run, these frames have certainly been a benefit to my family financially. Trust me, the initial investment is indeed worth it! Not to mention Axon Optics has Virginia, the most friendly sales manager you’ve ever met! The only issue I found (and this was sort of my fault) is that if you cry a lot from chronic pain, the gasket will start to separate from the foam. Just a head’s up, it’s a small area that’s affected under my right eye. Keeping that in mind these are a solid 4/5.

Learn more here: (updated 3/2016)

A video review and comparison with other Axon Optics frames is on the way just as soon as weather allows filming in the sun, lately it has just been too cold and snowy! I really want you all to see the transition effect in action! Look for a short review of the Mistrals by Venus which look amazing on women I must say. Keep your eye out for more product reviews coming your way to help prevent or endure that pesky migraine monster!


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    I have a toddler with low vision and severe photo sensitivity, Do these glasses come in toddler size., or can you direct me to someone that might be able to help. Any assistance is appreciated. Thank You Anita Bowman

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