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Impact of Migraine on Workplace Productivity: A Survey Summary

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Impact of Migraine on Workplace Productivity: A Survey Summary

Migraineurs know how hard it is to handle social situations when they have a migraine attack. So, Research! America conducted a national public opinion survey which would give them more insight on how migraine affects people and their workplace productivity as well as how that stretches into other social areas of life.


The general statement is that employers should make the workplace more comfortable for migraineurs and 76% of people that have migraine agree while 58% of those who don’t have migraine agree as well.

On that note, one previous study has shown that almost half of the migraineurs and one in five non-sufferers say that they know someone who has a migraine and who has left work or reduced their working hours because of the disease. Majority of the responders – both migraineurs and people who don’t have a migraine – believe that insurance should cover preventative methods of treatment as well as alternative methods of treatment for migraine.

More than half of migraineurs believe that they are stigmatized because of the condition and less than one-third of non-sufferers believe that as well. One of the most common causes is the fact that people are not aware of the condition or its seriousness. People commonly believe that it’s just a headache or that it’s an overreaction. They also believe that it’s more of an excuse to be lazy.

The survey states that the impact of migraine is broad and it needs to be addressed in the sense of overcoming the stigma and helping people who are living with migraine enjoy a better quality of life. At the same time, the participants in the survey, both migraineurs and non-sufferers believe in majority that more research should be done to prevent and treat migraine.

About 12% of U.S. Population experience migraines, with women and veterans being the majority of that percentage. There is an agreement that migraineurs are at risk of overusing medication and more than half of migraine sufferers agreed that they do not have access to proper treatment.

More migraineurs than non-sufferers believe that migraine is a disability – it is defined as such in the American Disability Act.

So, what can you do to make your social situations like school and work easier?

Here are some tips:

  • Don’t keep it a secret – Tell your coworkers, especially those you work close to
  • Speak to your superiors – Tell your boss or your professors so that they are aware of what is happening
  • Understand what your limitations are – Don’t do things that can bring upon you a migraine attack. Eat well, sleep well, maintain good health habits and avoid exposure to bright lights, loud noise and so on.

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