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Indoor Sunglasses for Light Sensitivity Relief

Did you know that wearing regular sunglasses indoors could actually make your light sensitivity much worse over the long run? Even though you feel better temporarily, it's fleeting. Over time, your eyes will begin to dark-adapt, becoming much more sensitive to light.

If you want to get the same sense of light sensitivity relief regular sunglasses provide without the risk of your eyes "dark adapting," then try Axon Optics Spectrashield™ FL-41 glasses


Why Is Our Spectrashield™ FL-41 Lenses Better Than Regular Indoor Sunglasses?

Our special FL-41 tint only blocks the wavelengths of light that cause light sensitivity as opposed to regular sunglasses, which block ALL wavelengths of light - the good and the bad. When you block the good light, you run the risk of dark adapting your eyes, which is why indoor sunglasses are normally a bad idea.

blocking harmful light while indoors

Benefits of Using OUR Spectrashield™ FL-41 Glasses

If you do, however, choose to ditch the regular indoor sunglasses with precision-tinted indoor sunglasses, you'll most likely see massive (and stable) benefits. The data below is clinically validated and took us eight long, painstaking years to collect:

fewer headaches graphic

24% fewer headaches

decrease in light sensitivity severity

38% decrease in light sensitivity impact

Reduces the impact of light

88% of users saw a reduction in light impact

Reduce the impact of headaches

87% of users saw a reduction in headache impact

Does Science Agree?

The short answer: Yes. Yes, it does.

2x Improvement

Researchers analyzed how the lens would affect people with the condition that is commonly accompanied by light sensitivity. Patients saw a 2x improvement in the severity of their light sensitivity, as opposed to regular grey lenses

From 6 to 2

For many, fluorescent lights trigger migraines. During a study at the University of Birmingham, patients who wore the FL-41 lens saw a reduction in the amount of migraines they experienced every month - from 6 down to only 2.

Axon Optic precision-tinted lens technology

Why You Can Trust Our Lenses

Studies have shown that there are wide variations in the quality of the FL-41 offered in labs and optical shops around the nation.

Things such as spectral characteristics and optical density were drastically different across multiple vendors.

This is very alarming because it means that not all glasses are equally as effective.

Our Spectrashield™ FL-41 indoor sunglasses were created by a neuro-ophthalmologist at the University of Utah. To top it off, some of the studies that our competitors are citing as proof their product works were conducted with our product and performed by our founder, Dr. Bradley Katz.

Options That Fit Your Condition

Standard Protection

Standard Migraine Glasses Frame

Standard glasses blocks most light.

Peripheral Protection

Wrap eyeglasses frame

Glasses block additional light from sides due to curved lenses and frame.

Max Protection

Gasket frame

Curved lenses, frame, and inner gasket provide maximum protection from light.

Prescription Protection

Frame compare fitover

This style frame fits over prescriptions frames.

Could These Indoor Sunglasses Actually Work?

We believe that our Spectrashield™ FL-41 lenses is the best solution if you need to wear sunglasses indoors because of light sensitivity. You'll be minimizing the risk of your eyes dark adapting, and you'll be blocking much more of the light that's actually causing your photophobia.

If you're not quite convinced, that's okay! Take a gander at our clinically validated data here, as well as our reviews here. They may change your mind 🙂

If you don't find any relief while using our indoor sunglasses, we offer a 30-day return policy so that there's minimal risk!

Spectacular Reviews

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Relieve Your Light Sensitivity While Indoors. Risk Free.

We want you to find long-term light sensitivity relief, and you won't get there by wearing regular indoor sunglasses. Give our precision-tinted glasses a test drive. If you're not satisfied, send them back within 30 days for a refund. No questions asked.