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Migraineur Enjoys the Little Things Again

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Migraineur Enjoys the Little Things Again


For some customers, Axon’s tinted glasses have a very significant effect on their lives.  One customer recently wrote us to let us know.  Ms. Burton has had migraines for over 35 years that got so bad she had to stop working a few years ago.  She tried Botox and still needed rescue medication, and has been wearing sunglasses both inside and outside.  With eyes very sensitive to light, it was difficult to watch TV, work on the computer, and read. 

When Ms. Burton read about Axon’s tinted glasses she was very skeptical:

I discussed them with my optometrist, ophthalmologist, and my migraine doctor. They all said what I already knew: that the science was sound. The Moran Eye Clinic in Utah is well-known and I could get my money back, so why not try. 

Having her Axon Glasses for over a month now:

I haven’t written a review yet because I could not think of the right words to use and do not think I still can. However, let’s start with miraculous. If my eyes could have sighed in relief they would have when I first wore my glasses. I am about to watch TV, work on the computer, and even read with my new glasses. They are truly amazing. My photosensitivity is gone as long as I wear my [Axon] tinted glasses. As a migraineur, to restore just a small part of your life back to normal is a huge step and that is what these glasses has done for me. Do I still get migraines? Yes, but to enjoy the little things in life which I have missed for so long with something as simple as changing the tint of my glasses to FL-41 is so emotionally uplifting. As for my doctors, they are as excited as I am. Now they have something that actually helps migraines and can pass the information on to other patients.

If you suffer from migraines and have any light sensitivity or phobia, I recommend you get a pair of the [Axon] tinted glasses. They have changed my life and have literally given me a new outlook on life. 

Results will vary by person, but we are glad to hear our migraine glasses provided some relief.


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