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Note From A Migraineur

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Note From A Migraineur

One of the perks of the job is that I get to test-drive our products. I love my glasses. I used to use the computer for hours at a time. I used to drag myself around the grocery store, or try to sit through a flourescent-lit three hour college lecture. I used to squint all the way from one destination to the next, just because it was daytime. I would walk around the house with a shirt over my head to filter the light. I wonder how I did these things for how long. The answer is simple: what choice was there? I had taken all of the medications under the sun – but that’s another blog entirely.

So, as I sit here typing in my indoor-tint PRIME S59s, I wonder what would have convinced me to try this product? Would I have tried it because of the money-back guarantee? Would I have tried it because of the reviews? Or would it be my personal love of scientific discoveries and new gadgets? I might have purchased it during a migraine in desperation for something that works. What other choice would I have? 

I think the scientific articles would have intrigued me, but the Customer Experiences would have convinced me. I hope my own experience helps others make the best decision for their own medical conditions. If your condition is light sensitivity, is triggered by light sensitivity, or has light sensitivity as one of its symptoms, then this product should help you. 


I received a very nice letter from one of our customers. I asked her permission to share this on our site. Thanks, Devonna!

To: Axon Optics

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for these glasses.
I’ve dealt with migraines and light sensitivity for years, and after
surgical menopause hit me, they got even worse. I had 2-3 migraines
per week, and that’s no life.

I received these on a Friday morning, and wore them off and on all
weekend. Any time I felt a slight headache coming on, I wore them. I
don’t know how they work, they just DO, and I’ve told EVERYONE about
them! All I know is that every time I put them on, my head
relaxes…my entire head, from my eyes to the base of my neck feels
that relief (I have occipital nerve migraines).

Thanks for your product. My friends should be ordering them soon as


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