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Soft Contact Lenses for Migraine & Light Sensitivity


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Soft Contact Lenses for Migraine and Light Sensitivity:

Looking to receive the benefits of our therapeutic lenses without the frames?  Our soft contact lenses do just the job.  This high-performance Hioxifilcon D 54% material has a lower-profile design for improved comfort.  This new contact lens is now a quarterly lens with recommended replacement every 3 months for daily wearers.  Pricing is per pair.

Our lenses are a great choice for people who have been wearing contact lenses comfortably for years, and have also tried our lenses. They are not a good choice for people with dry eye or eyes sensitive to the wearing or insertion of contact lenses, or those who haven’t ever worn contact lenses before. You should try our regular eyeglasses to make sure our therapeutic lens works for you prior to ordering out contact lenses.

The contacts have a 100% warranty for 30 days.  Fitting lenses are available when requested by your provider.  Torn lenses and prescription changes can be ordered at 50% discount for 90 days.  Please be sure to contact us right away if your lenses are damaged, as timing is crucial to the warranty.