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Is Exercise as Good as Medication at Relieving Migraine?

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Is Exercise as Good as Medication at Relieving Migraine?

Relieving migraine: Exercise, relaxation, and medication found to be equally effective in reducing migraine headaches.

exercise to help relieve migraines - natural remedyRelieving migraines is important to almost everyone who has this condition. In this small study published in the peer-reviewed, headache journal Cephalgia, 91 migraine sufferers were randomized to 3 different groups:

  1. Exercise (40 minutes per day, 3 days per week)
  2. Relaxation (following a recorded program) or
  3. Topiramate (a medication commonly used to prevent migraine).

These participants all reported an average of about 4 migraine attacks per month prior to starting the study. During treatment, all three groups had an average of one less attack per month and there were no significant differences among the three groups.

The take home point here is that there are many different ways to manage migraines and that different people may respond to different therapies. Treatment needs to be tailored to each individual based on his/her personal preferences. For some people, a combination of a daily medication, an exercise program, and a relaxation program could be beneficial.

Others may find just one of these options or a combination of two different options effective. In this study, medications, which can be expensive and which can have side effects, were not necessarily better than non-pharmacologic treatments like exercise and relaxation.

We’re excited to offer tinted glasses for migraines to our customers because they are not expensive and they do not have “side effects”. They do not preclude our customers from employing other methods of migraine prevention, including medications, exercise and relaxation. For most people, a combination of therapies is the best prevention.

Exercise as Migraine Prophylaxis: A randomized Study Using Relaxation and Topiramate as Controls. Varkey E, Cider A, Carlsson J, Linde M. Cephalgia Published online 2 Sept 2011.


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