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Treatment for Chronic Migraines

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Treatment for Chronic Migraines

Chronic Migraine Treatments and Remedies

A person constantly afflicted with the burden of chronic migraines seeks one thing – migraine relief.  A single migraine episode is bad enough for anyone to have to live through, but there are many people who suffer from chronic migraine headaches, sometimes as often as multiple times a day.  While a cure for migraines still remains unknown, there are methods that migraine sufferers have discovered to either help prevent or relieve migraines.

In this relentless search for a migraine cure people often look to prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs and any form of natural migraine relief.  Sensitivity to light can keep people confined to darkness, and away from work. Migraines with aura can prevent people from focusing and the pain can cripple everyday life. Since each chronic migraine experience is different, people are seeking diverse forms of relief.


treatments for chronic migraines
Approximately 4% of Americans suffer from Chronic migraine

Light Sensitivity May Be a Culprit to Chronic Migraines

Ninety percent of people who have chronic migraine headaches also experience severe light sensitivity. For some, onset is caused by the light itself. Non-incandescent lighting such as florescent light bulbs and computer screens cause the most discomfort. Light sensitivity during migraines can force victims to carry out their days self-contained in dark rooms. Relief remains a constant desire.

Those affected by photophobia (light sensitivity), may have found that traditional sunglasses do very little to aid the pain and discomfort. This is because sunglasses are usually made to protect only from UV rays. Unnatural light is what has most potential to trigger the onset of a migraine.


Causes of Frequent Headaches and Chronic Migraines

The combination of a stressful work environment and long hours in front of a computer screen can be enough to send someone’s mind into migraine mode. For the ten percent of people affected, their ability to work effectively is hindered by their frequent absences and lack of concentration. The sudden onset of chronic migraines can force a person to stop all that they are doing to take care of their pain and nurse themselves back to health. This has an effect both on their work environment and their livelihood.


FL-41 Tinted Lenses Could Reduce Chronic Symptoms

chronic migraine relief fl-41 lenses
Axon Optics Spectrashield FL-41 Glasses

The light sensitivity and accompanying pain that follows migraines can be dimmed by the use of FL-41 rose tinted lenses. By blocking out certain wavelengths of light, users have found enough relief to return back to work, and resume daily activities. These glasses yield the opportunity for those affected by chronic migraines, to dim the pain and halt the onset. For many this may be the chronic migraine cure they have been looking for.

The crippling pain of migraines has the ability to significantly reduce a person’s quality of life. Migraines can be triggered by a variety of things including, stress, and light sensitivity. Some people find themselves affected at random. The sudden possible onset adds uncertainty and fear to daily life. Although everyone experiences their migraines differently, the use of FL-41 migraine glasses may hinder the effects while migraines occur. For some, the daily use of these glasses can halt potential migraines from beginning. With reduced light sensitivity and pain, one could resume daily activities and find themselves being reintroducing to the life.


Of course there are an number of tools or ways to get rid of a migraine, each having a varying level of effectiveness for everyone.  We recommend trying different preventative and relief techniques to find out which works best for your migraine symptoms.



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2 thoughts on “Treatment for Chronic Migraines

  1. Theresa Unger says:

    I have recently been told that I have chronic migraines after having cataract surgery. I am 7 months out and not a day has gone by that I do not suffer these headaches. The headaches get worse as the day gets on. The FL-41 tint has been recommended. I recently purchased new glasses. So I have a spare pair of glasses. Can this existing pair be used to tint?

    • Virginia says:

      Hi Theresa! Since you recently had new prescription lenses made for yourself, I would recommend our Cover-RX Lite as it fits over your prescription lenses. Then, once you know if the tint works for you, you can choose to have your next prescription lens made with our tint. We can make it in a frame you already own, and we can do it with your eye doctor’s help if the prescription is complex. The product page can tell you more about the full return policy and how to order prescription tinted lenses in the future:

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