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User Story: Peggy Found the Right Migraine Glasses

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User Story: Peggy Found the Right Migraine Glasses

We have heard so many stories from Axon Optics customers who have found relief by wearing our proprietary lenses. Many of these customers have also tried other types of glasses made to help people cope with painful light. Some have tried “blue blockers.” Some have resorted to wearing sunglasses indoors, which is never a good idea. Still others have tried generic brands of migraine glasses, but found ours more helpful.

One of these stories was submitted by Peggy, who had long been looking for tools to handle her light sensitivity.

Once upon a time, television was my distraction of choice. Through many long days of chronic migraine pain, it hypnotized and help numb. But last February when the pain of my intractable migraine spiked beyond what I previously knew possible, the TV became yet another trigger — too bright and too loud. 

“Not wanting to invest the money in migraine glasses, I had bought an inexpensive pair of blue light glasses to try. They did little, particularly with the computer, a true nemesis of mine. Even with them, I could not be on the computer for more than ten minutes without triggering an attack. I could not use any screen bigger than my phone (with the phone settings adjusted to filter out blue light). Beyond that, car rides were difficult for me. At the brightest moments on one 10+ hour car ride home to Florida, I hid from the piercing sun with a jacket over my head.”

After 5 months of struggling with this heightened light sensitivity — and getting little help from her blue light glasses — Peggy finally decided to try migraine glasses.

Axon Optics vs. Theraspecs

While other brands have come out recently…It is important to note that each company’s lens tint is formulated differently and blocks out the light somewhat differently…Axon was the first company to develop migraine glasses back in 2010 at the University of Utah’s Moran Eye Center. I ultimately chose Axon’s glasses.”

Peggy originally purchased the Dalliance frames and found them too tight, so exchanged them for our Jura frames. She reports that, “Axon’s customer service was responsive and made the exchange easy.”

“I wish I had purchased these glasses sooner. They are now indispensable for me. I use the sunglasses every time I am in the car. They have given me back the freedom to be outside on sunny days, occasionally for hours at a time…At the end of last summer, my husband and I spent two nights at the beach and pool. The sunglasses helped me stay outdoors, enjoying those activities much longer than I would have been able to with regular sunglasses.

“I wear the indoor glasses religiously. I wear them at the grocery store and other stores with fluorescent lighting. I wear them when I am looking at any screen — my phone, iPad, computer or TV. The computer can still be problematic for me, but I have been able to spend time on the computer – one time for even an hour — without it triggering increased pain. We have even started watching TV again.”

Many photophobia sufferers may find Peggy’s story reassuring, but it’s not necessarily unique. The connection between light sensitivity, migraine glasses, and the relief found in Axon’s precision tint is backed by science. If you suffer from photophobia, Axon Optics migraine glasses can be a critical part of your migraine-fighting arsenal.


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